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Tantra Tips Introduction Body is Royal Summer Tantra 2018

Your body is royal, your brain just a servant

Tantra will flip traditional life guidelines upside down. The brain with all its words and visions is not that smart. True wisdom is generated in the body who knows about love, sex and reality. The brain is a spokesperson for the royal bodyl.

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Tantra takes place in the body

Your brain is the spokesperson for the body's wisdom and experiences, feelings and sexuality. The brain gathers momentum and try to express vague thoughts in precise words and actions. In this way, the brain is empty and stupid. Wisdom and the feelings belongs to your body, and the brain is just telling your story to the world. As a TV screen, as the CEO of a large company. A spokesperson.

If we deliberately removed the sensations of the body, the brain would go crazy. This happens when we sleep. The brain begins to fantasize and dreams. It can also happen if you are immersed naked into a steel tank which is filled with body warm salt water. When we close the door to the steel tank, the body flows on water in absolute darkness and silence inside the steel tank's soft underbelly. Sense perception disappears. After some time, the brain begins to freak out in a river of dreams, fansies and unrealistic thoughts - which can be fun and give you many good ideas.

The brain is the servant of your body. When the body is tired, the brain will find out where you can sleep. When the body is hungry, the brain will pull you to the fridge or to the supermarket. When the body is lonely, the brain will wonder how to get more people into your life, so the body can meet its needs for community. When the body is horny, the brain is thinking about sex.

Tantra turns our life upside down. The body's feelings and sensations will be the basis for your actions. Not the brain. The brain is empty and stupid. This has important implications for our ability to love other people. Tantra is a revolution for the sex live, when we allow the body to love while the head serves its purpose.

Do you cry at work?

Some people are governing the body with the head. It is widespread. We wake up early in the morning, and although the body needs to sleep a few hours longer, we are tough and orders the body up from the bed, into the shower and into the bus for the job.

At 11 o'clock we have an important meeting at work. There are many serious people present in the room. You must present the company budget for the next 3 months. The boss wants you to present the budget in a controlled and trustworthy manner. Your banker is also at the meeting, and you know that the bank is considering its engagement with your company.

Unfortunately you're sad. This morning you were arguing with your girlfriend and you fear that she is tired of being with you. You love her and you regret the words you said when you were arguing. Just before the meeting begins, your girlfriend sends you a text message: "I'm no longer your girlfriend. Need a break," she writes. You feel pain in your stomach, your heart is clenching in your chest, whistle sounds are howling in your ears, and your eyes go blank.

Now you need to present the budget.
What do you do? Do you hold your tears back and tighten up, or do you let the tears roll, saying bluntly to the audience that you are upset because your girlfriend just broke up? Is it possible to present a budget with watery eyes?

After the day's work, you go to the supermarket and shop for the weekend. You buy plenty of food. 2 large bags. Your body is tired. The hands grip the bags, the arms are long and you drag the food up the stairs to your apartment. You can feel you're sad. You open a few bottles of wine, drink them quickly and fall asleep on the couch. You have nightmares and sleep fitfully. When you wake up, your body is tired.

What do you do? It's your day off. Are you sleeping for a few hours, or are you ordering your body out to the shower and into the bus?
Who is the ruler in your life, the body or your brain? Do they agree with each other?

Tantra is freedom to be you

In tantra your body is royal. Every day. In all locations. Continually. Because the body is the wisest. The body knows love, the body senses the world, the body has feelings, the body is strong, the body is love and invincible. The body is freedom, compassion and laughter.
In tantra the head is the lovable and most wonderful servant of the body. The head has great abilities to take care of the body and arrange everyday life, so that the body is getting its needs met. The head knows many words and is clever to get its will.
The head knows nothing about love, sex, emotion, eroticism. The body knows. The head listens to the body and tries to comprehend this amazing being, and to express it.