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Introduction to Tantra

Tantra is about experiencing reality, in order to come home to yourself and live your life in freedom.

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Tantra is about reality

You see, your mind is filled with thousands of stories, opinions, views, facts which someone has told us. Ever since we started going, and with our little fingers grabbed our first piece of bread, the world has filled us with stories. Your parents told you stories until you were so strong that you could sit for hours each day in school and listen to the teacher's stories.

Look around you in everyday life - it is still tremendous. Everyone wants to influence you and tell you a story. Advertising agencies and political parties are using really much effort to influence you. You are filled with stories about how to sit, how to comb your hair, how to dress yourself, your way of speaking, your behavior, whom to vote for, whom to love and whom to dislike.

Tantra is all about pushing the stories away, so you can directly experience the reality. Often in everyday life we experience our thoughts about reality. Tantra is to sense life, to feel yourself and to feel other people. Not thoughts about life, but life itself.

Tantra is coming home

We may be out of ourselves, beside ourselves. You've tried it. Being separated from yourself, it is uncomfortable.

When we are beside ourselves, we become less able to drive a car. We are edgy and clumsy, maybe bump into other people in the store or on the bus. We find it hard to listen to other people's stories. When we love, sex can become absent-minded, awkward and mechanical.

It's boring and stressful to be out of yourself. Unless you were drunk, intoxicated on drugs, or doped with medications. In this case, it is often a soothing and pleasant experience to be separated from the body's feelings and impulses of the mind. Then there is peace.
Evidently there must be something in the body and the mind, which is of such a nature that we sometimes cannot manage to be present in ourselves. So we escape.

Tantra is a way back to ourselves. A way home. Tantra is created for those who are brave. You are tired of being beside yourself and will no longer escape. You are longing to come home.

Tantra is freedom

Reincarnation involves a high degree of acceptance in tantra. Life does not have to be in a certain way. In fact, life is guaranteed imperfect, so you are free to accept the life you have, and you are welcome to enjoy your life now - although it's not perfect.

The origin of tantric philosophy is a place where people traditionally trust reincarnation. You are born again and again. What you do not learn in this life, you get the opportunity to learn in another life. Go ahead and relax, lower your shoulders and remember: You have 1,000 lives. You need not be perfect in this life.

Tantra is freedom. Do everything you want, but don't feel obligated to anything in particular. Tantra has no rules, because Tantra is freedom to experience reality.